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Streaming Transformed



expandi TV

Our mission is simple In order

to promote clarity, positive transformational growth success and wellness across the globe, for everyone.

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Here's to Coaching

Success In 2023!

On expandi TV there will only be

a selected few curated coaches who

will have access to our streaming audience. You could be the next professional streaming success coach!


Coaching Categories

expandi TV's coaching categories include: Wellness, Recovery, Life Balance, Relationships, Parenting, Spiritual, Success, Career and Executive. Videos that are of similar subjects can be placed in more than one category.

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Series Show


On the expandi TV streaming platform your video show series page displays with full authorship of your videos and direct links to your contact information and your website for your signature coaching programs.

Feature Banners

On the expandi TV streaming platform you have the opportunity each month to add-on a optional

Feature Banner. It is the perfect place to highlight your programs, live events and special offers.

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The expandi TV network and apps will be advertised on multiple social media platforms with audience target marketing to assist in driving traffic, which increases your website visitors as well.

National Ad


While it's true that there are many different ways to watch TV these days, the fact remains that TV is still the largest stage in the world. With

expandi TV network platform, there are even more opportunities to reach your target audience. The expandi TV mobile apps will be advertised on multiple CTV channels.

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Join Our
Successful Coaches

Got what it takes to become a star coach?

Let's find out!

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